The Wondrous Human Heart

A thought, something to get you through the day today would be the tale I am about to share with you all. So weeks ago, I was on a holiday retreat on the South Coast of NSW. I was staying in an old rocking Gypsy Caravan. Even though it was past its hay day, the soft breeze that flows through the window and splashed gently against my face evoked thoughts of Home.

I had just made a pot of Prince of Wales (a gentle/soft bodied Tea that I am becoming very fond of. Across from me sat a woman who once I served her Tea begin to talk at length about local and international issues- namely, poverty and inequality. I listened intently with agreement, as to me it appears that our efforts with poverty and inequality are as folly. A negative view I had on the whole issue, as when you know the divide of wealth in US and even Australia it makes you wonder how these who struggle daily will ever reach a stable lifestyle.

But in the process of conversational exchange, she mentioned something that I had knew heard before. It was profound and it was very interesting. I wanted to hear more. The lady had just told me that for every grand child she had, she would sponsor a child in poverty in another country. She had totalled six grand children.  The Gambia, Cambodia and Nigeria are the countries that she sponsors children in. A thought for all of us, how can we change perception and ideas around how we view others poverty. It is a slow process, it is something we can do individually.

An experience of mine in recent times with a lady who was actually my mother. So it really just shows how much you can learn who someone you have always known. A gem of knowledge that helped me with my perspective on a issue I thought was hopeless.

So my thought to go out to you is, listen intent and draw wisdom that will inspire you. It all helps with our mental health. We are social beings!


CharleTea:Origins, Empire and the Tea Trade

Dear Friends!

The CharlesTea logo has been officially launched and it is looking fantastic! The period style logo is an echo of the Edwardian period of England and the time of British Empire.

The logo depicts the Thermopylae Clipper which was launched in 1868 built by Walter Hood for the Aberdeen White Star Line  and designed by Bernard Weymouth. The origins of such a ship are closely aligned with the spirit of this great vessel. The Tea trade was an extensive and lucrative industry with the Thermopylae racing from Shanghai to London to deliver Chinese Tea to the eager English tea consumers.

The vessel is known for its speed and agility with her beating the Cutty Sark (a Clipper vessel that often raced the Thermopylae back to London for a premium price on their goods).

This small insight into the origins of the great clipper demonstrates the banner in which I wish to begin this brand. A passion for Tea infused with a belief that Tea needs to be transported around the world- to be enjoyed globally.

If you look closely- in the middle of the C you will see a symbol or a Chinese character rather. This character is pronounced as ‘Cha’ and means Tea in Chinese (Mandarin). It seems fitting as many of the origins of this Tea were from Plantations in China.

The History of Tea Trade is very rich and a love that I have truly awoke.

In coming days-we will look more into the History surrounding early export of Tea and how far the Art of Tea has really come.

CharlesTea: Beau CEO and Tea Lover


(The Thermopylae)

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The Europe Cup and pursuit of knowledge


The lines of Europe..
This is one of my favourite cups and it has got me through many university essays. I was thinking today of the vast issues that have gone on in the last century in Europe. From Triple Alliance and Triple Entente in the early part of the 20th century to the now intergrated EU (European Union), a continent layered with rich history is one that I seem to always consider regularly.
My thought for today was to consider history with more intense research.

We can simply ‘Google’ things but it is important to ponder why things happen.
To look at current events through the historical lens will yield a more fruitful result. The power to ask the question why? Is a great freedom that we possess.

I ask that you look at something new- e.g Ukrainian and Russia crisis and take five points from it. Questions to ask: why historical factors enable the tense ? Is there a single side at fault ? How large is the role of the US and Nato in the struggle ?
These questions can help you understand current events better and form a more educated and engaging opinion.

Today I say, delve deeper and don’t be a surface person. Follow a new topic, learn about someone or something new. We are constantly learning and this can be alway done over a cup of tea.


Tea is Essential-ft. Putin & Obama

The Tea life is apart of all of us and we simply need to discover it.

My Name is Beau Dixon and I am a University student. The University life is one that is filled with the need to continue a healthy lifestyle and monetary funding to support it. A struggle between nutrition and the easy option of $5 pizza at Dominos.

The struggle of being able to buy and consume tea has never seemed to be a problem ?

The CharlesTea website is a love of the drinking of tea and the broad impact that it has on our day-to-day lives.

In a historical sense our association with Tea is likened to an insatiable love affair with a drug-like substance (which is good for you). The Chinese, Indian and British cultures have developed their culture through the drinking of Tea and important partnerships and friendships have flourished from these traditions

In my opinion the ability of sharing a cup of tea and taking a moment to truly engage with another person is far more powerful than the ADHD style computer stimulation that we are subject to in the digital age of instant results and pleasure- (oops- says me typing away). But in actual fact, the moments we take in sharing our experiences with another human is restorative and positively impacts upon on our mental health which is so important in this modern age.

The many times that I have shared a warm and hearty cup with another friend or maybe even stranger, has resulted in a positive outcome and common ground on the essential love of Tea- Green, Black, White and Fruity- we don’t discriminate!

I think that maybe if Obama and Putin sat down and enjoyed a strong and impressible cup of tea they would maybe find some common ground? Maybe but possibly not, as many Foreign Affairs and International Relations Journals would argue that a cup of tea would not fix a bruised relationship. (Maybe Obama is jealous of Putin’s six pack?)

This is an introduction of the CharlesTea and I will continue to emphasise  the importance of Tea in any form as a way of continuing a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In coming days, I will explain the background behind the brand that is CharlesTea.